We make photography posters.

Curated and affordable,
just as it should be.


We are currently showing our entire poster collection at Rubber Factory's gallery space at 29 Ludlow in New York City. Come by to see our latest! Read more here.


Inside Nathan Bajar's Studio

“I photograph my family because I love them and I photograph these musicians because I love their music. And I photograph my family because there are a lot of things I’d like to say to them but I don’t know how to tell them words with words so I take their picture.”


Finding Nowhere with Brian H. Merriam

“I'm not a sad person but I'm kind of inadvertently steeped in sadness, loneliness. Anyways, I guess I look for places that look like those feelings for me.” 


Introducing Rubber Factory Posters' Nielsen framing service

You can now get a premium frame for your poster for just $100. We currently offer them in four colors: white, black, silver and wood. They come with plexiglas (a better choice than glass), spacers, foam backing and hardware. While we're still developing our business, we generally offer them for NYC pick-up only — please email us if you're interested.


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