Printing & Price Drops

We recently moved our poster printing to a local facility in Queens, NYC. They had acquired the same machine we'd been using to produce these posters. Because this meant we saved time and money on proofing, shipping and handling, the cost to produce the posters has gone down.

From now on, the shelf price all of our posters will be $29, including the ones we've already released. Don't worry — everyone who has purchased a poster when our price was still $35 is receiving a coupon for $6.

Last Monday, we went to Prestone to produce our latest batch and Maggie Shannon came along to take pictures while we filmed. Juan, the operator for the machine we use, walked us through how it all worked. Here's a few snippets from our day at Prestone.

We didn't bring our audio recorder because we weren't expecting dialogue. Our apologies for the awful sound quality in these videos! Lesson learned.

Then, Juan opened up the machine to show us the inside.

We printed five posters. Four of them were introduced at our latest pop-up exhibit at Rubber Factory, and the last was a redesign of Jordan Sullivan. Speaking of redesigns, we reduced the scale of the logo and adjusted the credit to reduce them from three to two lines. We've also added some color to those elements on a few posters. Here they are running out of the machine:

Our latest posters will be online this week. We'll update this page with the links to them once they're online!

Romke Hoogwaerts