Logo designed by Adly Elewa

Logo designed by Adly Elewa


We publish posters — curated work from emerging photographers.

Co-founded by Mike Tan and Romke Hoogwaerts, working together with a few trusted contributing editors and writers, we'll be putting out a batch of new posters on a regular basis, printed in the US. It lives as a project within the gallery Rubber Factory in the Lower East Side of New York City.


What to expect next:

We're developing our business, so there's a lot still to come. We have a lot more posters to make, of course. We'll feature our artists with articles, studio visits and videos. Eventually, we'd like to open up our own store, where we'll offer framing too. If you'd like recommendations for framing, feel free to reach out to us by email.


Submit your questions, thoughts or work for consideration to: