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All In with Patricia Voulgaris

For our second artist feature blog post, Efrem Zelony-Mindell interviewed Patricia Voulgaris. They talked about getting over the barrier of her epic commute, photography and abstraction, and much more. 

“Getting over the barrier of my commute takes all of me; commitment, dedication, you name it. I want to be in New York but honestly sometimes I just can’t be, and that’s hard. But living like this you put up with the reality.” Read more here.


At Home with Nancy Burson

For our first artist feature blog post, we visited Nancy Burson in her studio in SoHo, New York City. We talked about the strange history about the blue in her featured photo, Blue Marble Simulacrum, and much more.

"The question that’s been on my mind for decades, is, what’s between us, other than the space between us?" Read more here.


Introducing Rubber Factory Posters' Nielsen framing service

You can now get a premium frame for your poster, starting at just $100. We currently offer them in four colors: white, black, silver and wood. They come with plexiglas (a better choice than glass), spacers, foam backing and hardware. As we're still developing our business, we're generally offering them for NYC pick-up only — so please email us if you're interested.



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